Q-SYS and Google Meet Deliver Immersive Tech Talk Rooms

Have you ever wondered how large enterprises share knowledge at scale? The term “High-Impact Spaces” refers to an emerging collaboration space that goes beyond a typical conference room. High-impact spaces are rich in technology, have a wide variety of use cases and are often mission-critical. Google’s internal Tech Talk Rooms are a perfect example of a high-impact space, as Google uses them for meetings, partner summits and online hybrid events. The backbone of these spaces is…Q-SYS and Google Meet

Let’s look at a design inspired by Google’s Tech Talk rooms and show you how Q-SYS can help you create this same type of space in your environment. Q-SYS is engineered for flexibility, so you don’t need to exclusively design the space for large meetings. With Q-SYS, you can integrate the space for everyday use, automated meetings, curated and produced events, etc. – all with the press of a button.  

The heart of the system is the Q-SYS Core processor. The processor manages all your audio signal processing and routing, video routing and control of native and third-party devices. Then add the rest of your audio needs, like wireless microphones, beamtracking ceiling microphones, Q-SYS amplifiers, and AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers. Ingest, process, and distribute your content with Q-SYS NV Series encoders and decoders connected to your main displays, projectors, and confidence monitors throughout your space. Add Q-SYS NC Series network cameras to round out the video components while leveraging their network-based infrastructure to ease deployment and operation. Lastly, the Q-SYS Control Engine allows you to automate and monitor native and third-party equipment. Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager contains plugins for technology partners’ products to give you an “easy button” for harmonized single-system control.  

Let’s talk about three different use cases for a Tech Talk Room.  

  1. Flex Space – This is a casual gathering area where the displays may be showing the news and/or sports while background music is playing from the overhead loudspeakers, and lighting dynamically adjusts relative to the presence or lack of ambient light. Q-SYS manages the video routing and volume controls and can even be scheduled to turn the system on and off automatically.  
  1. Hybrid Meeting – The flex space can also host an internal hybrid meeting for a large group, say something along the lines of a casual all-hands meeting with near/far end functionality. With the press of a button, we can convert the space into an automated meeting system using snapshots and logic in Q-SYS.  In this mode, the microphones and cameras go active and become part of the live system. Video has been re-routed so that the displays in the space now function as repeat monitors for the audience, and a confidence monitor for the presenters, while the main display shows the connected far-end. The wireless microphones are routed to our overhead speakers and far-end participants. With data from the microphones in the space, Q-SYS cameras automatically switch and recall the correct predetermined camera shots using the Automatic Camera Preset Recall plugin. Q-SYS control can also be leveraged to dynamically recall presets for shades and lighting in the space.  
  1. Broadcast Event – Our final use case is an externally broadcast highly produced event that will be controlled in real time by human operators. Press the Broadcast Event button on the Q-SYS Touchscreen Controller and go into broadcast mode.  In this configuration, all the microphones and near/far-end audio sources are sent to an audio mixer. The SDI outputs of the Q-SYS cameras are sent to a video mixer, and an IP-based camera controller takes over PTZ control. Your production team now controls all the in-room audio, video, cameras and lighting. You can do all of this with Q-SYS without bringing in a separate system for the event. A single integrated ecosystem of software and hardware enables this complete flexibility. 

If any of these piques your interest, you’re in luck! See how Q-SYS can switch from an automated Google Meet Experience to a fully produced event with the press of a button at Q-SYS Stand #2V400 at ISE.  For the latest ISE information, visit: qsys.com/ise