Unpacking the “U” in NV-21-HU

Adding to the powerful Q-SYS video portfolio, the NV-21-HU offers a new flavor to NV endpoints. Unique to the NV-21-HU is the inclusion of USB-C. USB-C is a versatile connection that allows several signals to traverse a single cable, simplifying device connectivity and user experience. The USB-C connection on the NV-21-HU provides three key functionalities: … Read More

Introducing New Beta Program from Zoom and Q-SYS

Zoom recently demoed new features they are about to beta for Zoom Rooms at Enterprise Connect. We are proud that Q-SYS User Control Interfaces will be part of this beta. The closed beta offering is your chance to see what is possible and provide feedback on how it can shape a world-class experience for your … Read More