Introducing New Beta Program from Zoom and Q-SYS

August 2023 Update: Thank you for your interest in this Beta.  We have had an overwhelming response, and have selected participants for our private beta round.  Please feel free to sign up and we can keep you updated on any future beta rounds and release. We appreciate your interest and are very excited to show you what we have partnered together to bring you.

Zoom recently demoed new features they are about to beta for Zoom Rooms at Enterprise Connect. We are proud that Q-SYS User Control Interfaces will be part of this beta. The closed beta offering is your chance to see what is possible and provide feedback on how it can shape a world-class experience for your team to be productive.

Speaking of user control interfaces, let’s talk about how UCI’s can enable elevated collaboration.  

Users are accustomed to using meeting controllers for basic functions like adjusting volume, manipulating cameras, and sharing content. The natural and increasingly expected evolution of these interfaces is that the same user control interface will become the hub for all room controls like lighting, shades, and HVAC. In the past, this functionality often required extensive programming and support time. The controls offered limited feedback on the panel itself and often required complex or clunky add-ons to deploy. In many cases, even until today, this left users with no choice but to install two discrete panels – one for the meeting and one for everything else. 

Due to a lack of a harmonized control interface, additional control panels meant users would have to lower the shades manually or lose time figuring out which panel controls the HVAC. When you are in a meeting, or even just starting a meeting, we all know the last thing we want is to be distracted by minor details like the temperature in the room.

UCI’s driven by Q-SYS allow for the harmonized control that users are looking for. In simple terms, if a device can be controlled by Q-SYS, then those controls, functions and feedback can be put into a Q-SYS UCI. The result is a more cohesive, responsive, and precise interface for the user. 

If you are interested in how Q-SYS and Zoom can provide your team with a better experience, click here to apply for the closed beta.

4 responses to “Introducing New Beta Program from Zoom and Q-SYS

  1. We have Children’s Hospital here in Dallas TX that is a Zoom house. My company has started introducing them to QSC so this will be a big win for them as a customer.

  2. What a HOME RUN! I saw this Q-SYS UCI integration demo’d at INFOCOMM 2023 and was so excited. We love using Q-SYS products for audio/video/control and do a ton of Zoom Rooms, but have been limited by the control functionality that can be provided in a 1x touch panel ZR native setup. Although I appreciate the current JSON controls, the lack of visual control feedback or variable control options is very limiting. UCI integration solves so many challenges, and I can’t wait for the rollout.

    Beta test, here we come!! =)

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