Welcome to QSC!

With the acquisition of Attero Tech, QSC also acquired its amazing engineering staff from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Over the past few months, we have really enjoyed getting to know them and integrating them into the QSC lifestyle!

For this blog series, we’d like to introduce our newest team members. First up is Josh Arnold, new Senior Product Manager. Josh is currently taking the lead on incorporating Attero Tech products into the QSC lineup.

What makes you most excited about QSC and Attero Tech joining forces?

QSC has been a leading innovator in our industry for many years. Attero Tech was always tracking their innovation, and intentionally developed products that were very complimentary to QSC solutions. For us, this is where we knew we could make the biggest impact.

By combining forces we bring what we believe are the best teams in the industry in their respective product categories together. We look forward to adding solutions that enhance and expand the current capabilities of the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

Beyond the complimentary fit of our products and capabilities, we love the smart, passionate people and culture at QSC. This was definitely a key factor in our decision to join forces.

Attero Tech was one of the first manufacturers to develop plugins for the Q-SYS Ecosystem (with over 20 available now). Can you provide insight on the process and why you decided to partner with QSC?

We recognized early on that the Q-SYS approach to an open control platform was a huge differentiator over traditional competitors. Similarly, the comprehensive control capabilities of Attero Tech endpoints was always a big differentiator. By leveraging the unique capabilities of the Q-SYS Ecosystem and internally developing the plugins necessary to control and monitor our products, we had a huge advantage with integrators, and ultimately end users, to minimize the design and commissioning workflow, and maximize the value of the system.

We like to think of Attero Tech as QSC’s earliest third-party success story with Q-SYS Control. I would encourage other like-minded manufacturers to reach out to the Q-SYS development team in the hopes of creating similar shared wins for the control sector of our industry.

Now that QSC and Attero Tech have joined forces, what types of future projects are you most excited for?

All of them! By joining QSC, our development teams can expand its technical reach further to create new best-in-class products that are smarter, more capable, and solve real pain points for our partners and customers. Some companies struggle with innovation, but we quickly see this is not the case at QSC. Our roadmap is decidedly bullish, and we are very excited to start rolling these solutions out to the market.

Here at QSC, its all about working hard and having fun. What do you like to do in your spare time?

My three kids and three dogs keep our family busy. When we’re not chasing them around, much like a lot of people at QSC and in the industry, I enjoy rocking out on the guitar as a closet rock star.