Los correos del consultor: AV&C nativo en una red única

En el mundo audiovisual actual se oye bastante el término “soluciones nativas”, pero ¿por qué son tan importantes? Hay incontables formas de diseñar una solución de AV para los clientes, pero cuando hay que elegir entre una “solución nativa” o una “solución no nativa”, abogo por elegir siempre la solución nativa. Y estos son los motivos… leer más

New Cores for Cinema

If you haven’t noticed, QSC has been slowly changing the paradigm of cinema sound.  This past week, another milestone was reached with the introduction of two new Q-SYS Core processors, expanding the Q-SYS Ecosystem both as a product line and as a practical application scenario throughout the modern cinema complex – and beyond. Over 20 … leer más

It’s Time for ATOT!

We’re only beginning to come to terms with the fundamental changes in many industries in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. While no one can accurately predict the future, one thing is for certain: the cinema exhibition industry will be anything BUT a return to “business as usual”. The pandemic is not the only … leer más

Dynamic Pairing in Cinema

Dynamic Pairing is a special feature in Q-SYS Designer software that allows you to link a virtual peripheral device in your design to a new physical hardware device on your network, like an I/O-8 Flex or the new NV-32-H. This means you can build your Q-SYS design to include an I/O device that perhaps you … leer más