Purpose-Built Collaboration in High-Impact Spaces

For employees transitioning to hybrid and in-person work schedules, the need for compelling meeting spaces to return to is evident. QSC and Logitech recently partnered to provide a dynamic range of audio, video and control solutions to meet the increasing demand for enhanced room features and capabilities that enable meeting equity for remote, hybrid, and in-person collaboration alike.

Logitech recently introduced the RoomMate, a room appliance running on CollabOS, Logitech’s dedicated operating system for video collaboration. RoomMate provides users with the flexibility to deploy the video conferencing application of their choice, while maintaining the simple and consistent experience that users expect. By partnering with Q-SYS, Logitech video collaboration solutions combine with the power of Q-SYS to scale into a wider-range of high-impact spaces where capabilities such as advanced audio processing, multipoint video distribution and room control/automation are a must-have.

Integrating is simple, as RoomMate connects to any Q-SYS system with a single USB connection, and leverages the power of Q-SYS to handle the advanced AV features required for the space. The result is a purpose-built solution that ensures complete microphone and audio coverage for the space, video source distribution, environmental room control, and user-defined automation capabilities within the most mission-critical environments inside a facility.

RoomMate offers remote monitoring and management services via Logitech Sync, letting users monitor their Logitech devices, while Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager parallels these key administration capabilities for the entire AV system, including native Q-SYS Products as well as connected third-party devices. Collectively, the suite of tools provides a holistic view of your system deployments in these high-impact spaces, ensuring the best collaboration experience for all meeting attendees.

We are very excited to collaborate with Q-SYS to help mutual customers solve for unique AV needs within high-impact spaces. Working with Q-SYS, we have been able to help realize our vision for Logitech RoomMate, allowing for deployment ubiquity across all collaboration spaces in any environment.

More information on our joint solutions, please visit logitech.com/qsc.