Seervision or Automatic Camera Preset Recall: What’s the difference?

With the recent introduction of Q-SYS VisionSuite, I wanted to address a common question I’ve been hearing from customers about the components of this Q-SYS technology offering: How do I know if Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) functionality or Seervision Presenter Tracking is right for my space?   The short answer is: It depends on … leer más

Core 510i vs. 610: When to Use (and Why?)

At our recent Activate event, we announced the return of Q-SYS Core 510i, which will sit alongside Core 610 in our processor portfolio.  We know this sparked some curiosity (and maybe a little confusion) so let’s dive into the details!  First a little insider info: Two years ago, the part shortages caused by the pandemic … leer más

When to Virtualize Control

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve recently released the first fully virtualized subset of Q-SYS OS functionality in a fully software-based format. With the new Q-SYS vCore and accompanying Control feature license for vCore, you can drive Q-SYS Control functionality directly from your own PC or server.  But that begs the question “When is Q-SYS … leer más