Unpacking the “U” in NV-21-HU

Adding to the powerful Q-SYS video portfolio, the NV-21-HU offers a new flavor to NV endpoints. Unique to the NV-21-HU is the inclusion of USB-C. USB-C is a versatile connection that allows several signals to traverse a single cable, simplifying device connectivity and user experience. The USB-C connection on the NV-21-HU provides three key functionalities: … Lire la suite

Introducing New Beta Program from Zoom and Q-SYS

August 2023 Update: Thank you for your interest in this Beta.  We have had an overwhelming response, and have selected participants for our private beta round.  Please feel free to sign up and we can keep you updated on any future beta rounds and release. We appreciate your interest and are very excited to show … Lire la suite