How Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms Can Transform Your Meetings

Have you ever been frustrated by having to use multiple remotes or interfaces to control the devices in your meeting room? Do you wish you could have a simple and seamless way to manage your Zoom meetings and your room settings from one device? Many Zoom Rooms users face these types of challenges that distract teams from collaboration.

Zoom Rooms are a popular option for meeting, sharing, and collaborating in various settings. They offer features such as HD video and audio, one-touch join, content sharing, and hardware interoperability. However, Zoom Rooms users often need to control other devices in the room, such as displays, lighting, shades, and HVAC, using separate remotes or interfaces. Multiple interfaces can be inconvenient, confusing, and time-consuming.

Q-SYS, a powerful and scalable platform for audio, video, and control, can help solve this problem. The recently released Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms app enables users to directly interface with a range of endpoints from the standard Zoom Rooms controller. Q-SYS simplifies the process of configuring controls for these types of devices with an extensive selection of third-party device plugins. Users can access Q-SYS Room Controls from the same touch screen that they use to manage their Zoom meetings, without switching to another device.

The benefits of Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms are:

  • Convenience: Users can control everything in the room from one device, with a consistent and intuitive user interface. They can adjust the room settings before, during, or after a Zoom meeting, without interrupting the flow of the meeting or leaving their seat.
  • Efficiency: End users can save time and energy by being able to benefit from common tasks being automated, such as turning on or off devices, setting the optimal lighting and temperature, and switching between different video sources and layouts.
  • Flexibility: IT Administrator/Integrators can customize the room controls to suit their preferences and needs, such as adding or removing buttons, changing labels and icons, and creating presets and scenes. They can also use Q-SYS User Control Interfaces (UCIs) CSS Style sheets to create a seamless and cohesive look between the Q-SYS UCI and Zoom Rooms controller.
  • Reliability: Users can rely on Q-SYS to provide a stable and secure connection between the Zoom Rooms controller and the devices, as well as to monitor and alert any issues, such as controller or display disconnection, or a room going offline. Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager allows administrators to manage and troubleshoot the room controls remotely and ensure your Zoom Rooms are always functioning at peak performance.

Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms is compatible with various Zoom Rooms compute and controllers and can enhance your meeting experience and create a more harmonized and cohesive environment.

If you’re ready to take your Zoom Rooms experience to the next level, download Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms and enjoy the convenience, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability that it offers.