What does “Axisymmetric” really mean?

AxisymmetricAll QSC SR Series surround loudspeakers feature Axisymmetric coverage.  That means that sound is distributed evenly on all axes within the loudspeaker’s defined coverage angle. Unlike many conventional loudspeakers, there is no vertical and horizontal coverage pattern, so aiming is made much simpler.  Up/down tilt and side-to-side “pan” aiming is all that is needed to cover any area in a cinema.

2 responses to “What does “Axisymmetric” really mean?

  1. Are you primarily referring to the HF coverage pattern or the speaker as a whole? It has been my experience that in a multi-way (non-coaxial) that when turned horizontal (as in the example picture), due to the driver relationships, coverage/timbre will change as the relationship of the HF/LF will change. When turned vertical, that will not be the case as the height of the listener is essentially uniform regardless of where they are in the coverage.

    1. I left out in my response above that I meant with respect to panning the speaker, not tilt. However, with respect to a seated audience, where they are in relationship to the speaker will have the speaker effectively panned if not seated directly on axis.

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