Keep Meetings in Frame

Have you ever joined a meeting virtually where you couldn’t see the speaker’s face clearly? Where the speaker moved out of camera view and pointed to the screen or a whiteboard referring to something nobody outside of the room can see? It can be hard to follow conversational nuances or feel included if you can’t see what is going on. In the future, this hybrid environment of physical and virtual attendees will be the norm. How can we do a better job of increasing inclusivity for the virtual attendees? 

That’s why Sennheiser and QSC have partnered to bring you the Q-SYS Automatic Camera Preset Recall plugin (available now in the Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager). Developed by QSC and designed for use with the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) microphone and the Q-SYS Ecosystem, the plugin uses the proximity of the meeting participant’s voice in relation to the microphone and uses it to automatically recall Q-SYS conference camera presets that you define for your specific space. 

This plugin has been recently updated to include a number of new features. It can now accommodate up to eight primary and eight secondary Q-SYS conference cameras, and allows you to specify a secondary camera. For example, when the primary camera is active, the secondary camera will move to the correct position, then the camera will switch. This eliminates any unnecessary camera movement to the far end participants.

It includes the addition of vertical coordinates, you can add different presets for sitting and standing positions. This feature is great for spaces with a whiteboard located behind seating areas. This recent version also increased the number of zones for each microphone, which can now be split up into 20 zones. The plugin also allows for fine-tuning the switching behavior, switch delay, crosstalk detection, and default home position.

There are a few best practices to consider when deploying this plugin in your conferencing spaces. To learn more and see how it works first-hand, we are holding several interactive, AVIXA certified webinars where experts both from Sennheiser and QSC demonstrate the benefits of the system. We will offer these in English and German, starting June 8, 2021.

For a detailed list of all webinar dates as well as some background information, please visit Oh, and did we mention that attending one of our webinar sessions allows for 0.5 AVIXA CTS RUs?

2 responses to “Keep Meetings in Frame

  1. Dear Mr. Evans,

    You mention that the vertical coordinates of the TeamConnect microphone’s beam can be utilized to recall the camera’s preset, while in other QSC document (Q-SYS “AUTOMATIC CAMERA PRESET RECALL” PLUGIN FAQ) there is stated that only the horizontal coordinates can be used. Please confirm whether it’s possible to use also vertical coordinates and if so, where can I find information how to implement this functionality in the camera preset recall plug-in?

    Best regards,

    1. Michal, thank you for your comment. The addition of vertical coordinates will be in the v2 version of the Plugin. This is currently in final QA and will be available in Asset Manager soon.

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