Driving Innovation and Growth with Q-SYS Developer Partners

At Q-SYS, it’s our mission to bring people together through impactful experiences and a better-connected world.  Which is why over the past year we’ve been hard at work building a strong ecosystem of innovative partners and plugins that expand our ability to deliver on this mission.  A robust library of plugins allows customers to have … Read More

WolfVision Runs Q-SYS Virtual Control Processing on Cynap at ISE 2023

Interested in seeing a live demonstration of software-based virtual control running on your existing hardware? Interested in a new category of solution that reduces hardware footprint, lowers costs, and simplifies overall system design? WolfVision, a leading global manufacturer of wireless presentation, web conferencing, collaboration, and Visualizer technology solutions and a member of the Q-SYS Technology … Read More

Q-SYS and Google Meet Deliver Immersive Tech Talk Rooms

Have you ever wondered how large enterprises share knowledge at scale? The term “High-Impact Spaces” refers to an emerging collaboration space that goes beyond a typical conference room. High-impact spaces are rich in technology, have a wide variety of use cases and are often mission-critical. Google’s internal Tech Talk Rooms are a perfect example of … Read More

Experience What’s Possible with the Q-SYS Partner Ecosystem at ISE

Are you attending ISE 2023? We hope to see you there! For the first time ever, the Q-SYS stand has been completely reimagined to immerse you into innovative, end-user focused solutions and technology demonstrations from collaboration to commercial and beyond.  Ready to experience what’s possible? Check out the following ways you can see the Q-SYS … Read More