Should Manufacturer Relationships be Part of the Bid Package?

Meeting room technology allows companies to be productive, enhance the experience, and involve others in the middle of the decision-making process. For those that need to support the technology, the goal is to deliver a consistent user experience; however, that can be a challenge.

In an effort to reduce variables, these teams often create “AV Standards” per room type, with the goal to deliver a consistent experience in each room. Customers often tell me they are looking to standardize room designs, deploy on a global scale quickly, find a solution that is easy to maintain, speed problem resolutions, as well as require local support and training.

To better support customers, I recommend having direct relationships with manufacturers through the entire process – from concept, to design, commissioning, completion, and beyond. Consider a bold move and include this as part of the overall technology package. You will reap some important benefits, including:

  •  Engineering review – No one knows their products better than the manufacturer. Take advantage of that inside knowledge and include them in the design review phase. This can save you headaches if you do so before a product is added to hundreds of rooms.
  • Support to establish proof of concept – While in the design phase, enlist your manufacturers to provide the necessary equipment to prove out the design concepts.
  • Priority stock – Manufactures can help you better forecast and plan for your projects. You have the opportunity to ask for stock to be held to ensure timelines are met, and hear directly from the source if stock is a concern before the 11th hour.
  • Training & support – Taking advantage of manufacturer training allows you to support technology long after installation. Many technology platforms offer improved features and functions via firmware updates. Knowing how to update and manage those updates will extend your overall cost of ownership.

Working with manufacturers directly and pulling them in as your partner will serve you well. In my opinion, clients will begin to request direct manufacturer relationships be written into the bidding/tender documents. This can ensure you receive the support and service you deserve, and allows expectations to be established up front while working towards a “win/win” relationship.  If you need some ideas on how to include this into documentation, reach out to me and let me help. You can contact me at [email protected].