Consultant Courier: Attero Tech by QSC Axon C1

Back again for another edition of The Consultant Courier, providing you with the latest and greatest for the consultant world! Today we are chatting about one of the most versatile IP wallplate controllers, the Attero Tech by QSC Axon C1.

Why was the Axon C1 developed?  There simply wasn’t a small, simple, general purpose IP-based in-wall controller in our industry.  Most of the available models were either specific to a single DSP or control platform, or didn’t have the flexibility to control more than simple gain adjustments.  The Axon C1 was introduced to offer a cost-effective control solution that can be integrated into the Q-SYS Ecosystem, or as a “stand-alone” component that was coupled with other IP-controlled solutions.

What makes the Axon C1 unique?  The Axon C1 can control volume, source selection, source volume, preset and snapshot recall and room combining.  The unIFY Control Panel software can be used to design and deploy menus to the C1 to give users access to as much or as little control functionality as intended.  The C1 supports the use of an optional four-digit access PIN to restrict unauthorized users.  Since the C1 is a fully networked device that is powered over standard (802.3af) PoE, infrastructure wiring is standard, IT-friendly CAT5E/6.  The C1 works seamlessly in a Q-SYS system using its QSC-supported plugin.  The C1 also features robust 3rd party control capability to allow control (via TCP or UDP) of any device that uses ASCII strings or binary codes for network control – devices like monitors, projectors, lighting and drapes.

Where is the Axon C1 positioned and used?  If you are using the Q-SYS Ecosystem and your  budget doesn’t allow for a native Q-SYS TSC-55w-G2 5.5” touchscreen controller, the C1 is a clear choice for you. There is a significant cost saving by comparison but still achieves most goals for simple control scenarios.  For example, the Axon C1 is used in hospitality applications for single or combinable spaces, in smaller conference rooms, in retail and restaurant applications, classrooms and virtually anywhere else that small and intuitive user control is needed.