Flexibility Beyond Hardware

Collaborating from the inside out

Sometimes a collaboration isn’t simply a new product, but an entirely new set of capabilities that change how customers can use the things we make. When QSC asked Audinate to work with them to add Dante to their incredibly popular line of processors, the result was something new for both companies.

Technical serendipity

QSC and Audinate have, of course, been aware of each other for many years, and both companies share a deep background in networking. QSC’s own Q-LAN protocol suite connects QSC devices using standard IP networking, and Audinate’s popular Dante solution provides IP connectivity for thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers. While QSC offers Dante hardware options for some of their products, their engineers came forward with a much more compelling idea: building Dante directly into the software that powers Q-SYS audio, video and control processors. This coincided with similar explorations at Audinate, and a new project and product were born.

Flexibility beyond hardware

Audinate and QSC were the first to bring a more modern way of thinking to the AV industry. Most Q-SYS Cores will include 8 x 8 channels of Dante audio, with the option to increase channel count via feature license. No need to loosen a screw or re-patch cables, everything happens in software. With a Software-based Dante license, Q-SYS Cores deliver immediate access to over 2800 Dante-enabled products, so installers can easily integrate it with existing networked systems, taking advantage of the best that both QSC and Audinate have to offer.

Engineering the future

Building on the success of Software-based Dante, QSC and Audinate are continuing to innovate, and with the upcoming release of Q-SYS Designer Software v9.0, customers will be able to add Dante audio channels to any current Q-SYS Core processor, through a simple firmware update. Audinate has also announced the availability of Dante Embedded Platform, a software solution that provides manufacturers with Dante as code that is capable of running on large x86/64 CPUs as well as select cost-effective, compact ARM chipsets for inclusion into a wide range of audio products. As more manufacturers follow QSC’s lead in CPU-driven audio products, Audinate’s experience with Q-SYS provides an invaluable foundation upon which future products are built.