Q-SYS + GUDE Systems: Green AV the Easy Way

Today, businesses and organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability in every aspect of their operations. That’s where Green AV comes in. Green AV focuses on reducing the environmental impact of audiovisual technology, ultimately helping businesses become more eco-friendly.  

At GUDE Systems, we understand the significance of sustainable AV solutions and are proud to collaborate with Q-SYS as a Q-SYS Technology Partner. Through this collaboration, Q-SYS created a Control Plugin that not only helps decrease energy consumption, thereby reducing the CO2 footprint but also provides substantial cost savings for integrators and customers.  

GUDE Expert Power Control Plugin 

The GUDE Expert Power Control plugin (location in Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager) allows control and monitoring of any GUDE switched PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that utilizes our http/https API. The plugin allows you to discretely control power outlets, and monitor the voltage, current, and power of Inlets and Outlets on GUDE devices within the Q-SYS environment. Sensors can also be monitored to give you live data on temperature, humidity, and more.  

Setting up and displaying data in Q-SYS is simple with just a few clicks. This allows for seamless control and monitoring of your data. Controls and statuses can easily be dragged onto a Q-SYS UCI or automated using control pins. For example, using the GUDE Expert Power Control plugin, you can create a control pin in a conference room that shuts down all GUDE power strips at night. Not only does this reduce energy costs over a year, but it also helps prevent fire hazards by ensuring devices are switched off when they’re not needed. This is incredibly valuable for AV installations that rely on optimum environmental conditions for their equipment. With the GUDE Expert Power Control plugin, you can easily keep an eye on all these parameters and take necessary actions to ensure everything is running smoothly.  

A Green AV Power Team: GUDE switched PDUs and Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager 

Remote monitoring of the GUDE Expert Power Control is made even easier with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager. With Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, you can quickly gain insight into the status of any GUDE switched PDU and control all Inlets and Outlets from anywhere, 24/7. Not only will this improve efficiency, but it can also support environmental initiatives. Avoiding unnecessary back and forth between locations supports overall reduction of your carbon footprint, as well as mitigating any device issues or downtime. 

Paving the Way for Sustainable AV Innovation 

Overall, the collaboration between GUDE and Q-SYS represents an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. Our collaboration demonstrates that when manufacturers come together, the possibilities for innovation as well as creating a more sustainable future are endless.  

GUDE is a German manufacturer of reliable and high-quality power and monitoring solutions for over 35 years. Products of the family-run company aim at optimizing and enhancing AV, IT and industrial infrastructure. For more information about our plugins and to shop our products, visit gude-systems.com/en or email [email protected].