How Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms Can Transform Your Meetings

Have you ever been frustrated by having to use multiple remotes or interfaces to control the devices in your meeting room? Do you wish you could have a simple and seamless way to manage your Zoom meetings and your room settings from one device? Many Zoom Rooms users face these types of challenges that distract … leer más

Citizen Spotlight: Fun with Q-SYS

Introduction Welcome to our latest interview feature. Today, we are excited to share an insightful conversation with Victor, a talented professional in the AV industry who has been making waves in the community with his innovative use of Q-SYS. You might have seen Victor’s fun personal projects in Communities, such as his remote GPIO Nano, … leer más

Future Trends in AV Integration with Q-SYS: Charting the Course of Innovation

In my years at the helm of QSC India, overseeing the remarkable journey of audio-visual (AV) technology, I’ve been privileged to witness and drive the adoption and innovation that’s reshaping our industry. Today, as I reflect on the path we’ve travelled and the road ahead, I’m excited to share how Q-SYS is steering this evolution, … leer más

Seervision or Automatic Camera Preset Recall: What’s the difference?

With the recent introduction of Q-SYS VisionSuite, I wanted to address a common question I’ve been hearing from customers about the components of this Q-SYS technology offering: How do I know if Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) functionality or Seervision Presenter Tracking is right for my space?   The short answer is: It depends on … leer más