Introducing Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager

We’ve been talking a lot about control these days. Q-SYS Control provides the tools to make the job of the programmer that much easier.  Well, we’ve got a new tool for you – Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager, which was added to the latest firmware release of Q-SYS Designer Software (v7.1 or higher). Since I’ve been at … leer más

AV Control v2.0: The Industry’s Long Overdue Firmware Update

Ever wonder why people avoid pressing that “upgrade firmware” button on their devices? I have a theory … Some people suffer from a basic lack of awareness. They don’t know that a better solution is out there. Some people are busy. They flat-out avoid updates because it might require them to learn something new. Some … leer más

Part 1: The Firmware Struggle is Real

I have spent the last decade on the control programming side of an AV integrator house and worked for another manufacturer. As I step into my new position at QSC, I am using this blog series to share some lessons I’ve learned along the way. I’m here because I have total empathy for your daily … leer más