Success Founded on Partnerships

In today’s world, there are a variety of challenges facing the AV industry including integrating legacy products in a modern and increasingly software-based environment. Manufacturers like Global Caché seek to alleviate network infrastructure difficulties by creating a pathway for legacy protocols in modern AV systems and expanding control I/O into remote locations.

Our organization’s philosophy is built solidly upon the foundation of the partnerships we’ve built over the last 19 years with other pioneers and forward-thinkers like the folks at QSC. Both QSC and Global Caché share the same philosophy of providing simple and scalable technology on an open system allowing for easy integration of our solutions into any environment. The Global Caché family of connectivity products provides choices for the industry professional and the consumer – significantly reducing costs and providing a scalable platform for today and the future.

While we make and sell products for the global automation and control industry, we don’t consider ourselves a control or automation company. Basically, our partners provide the brains and we provide cost-effective and easy-to-integrate products that enable them to provide more connectivity solutions to their customers. One key factor to our success is the belief and support of open systems. Being open gives us the opportunity to focus on our core competencies such as IR, serial, relay, and HDMI network connectivity, and partners like QSC can expand third-party integration possibilities for the Q-SYS Ecosystem without using precious resources or reinventing the wheel. All our product APIs are published on our website ( where they can be utilized to assist other partners with integrating their products with ours.

The Q-SYS Scripting Engine feature license and UCI Deployment feature License both enable opportunities for third-party device integration with advanced customization capabilities for all levels of programmers and integrators. This is a testament to the power of an IT-based platform and opens the realm of possibility for Q-SYS users to control hundreds of thousands of non-networked devices.

Our success and longevity in the industry has been soundly built upon our partnerships with other organizations. I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic by stating we would not be here if it weren’t for our amazing partners…partners like QSC.

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