Supporting Spatial Audio in Zoom Rooms with Q-SYS

How Q-SYS and Zoom can create immersive and natural meeting experiences with spatial audio.

Creating high-impact spaces with Q-SYS and Zoom Rooms

High-impact spaces such as boardrooms, divisible rooms, training rooms and auditoriums are critical to your collaboration culture, and to the success of your teams. Employees are requesting advanced features that enable more natural and equitable meeting experiences. Q-SYS offers a broad range of Zoom-certified solutions that help you extend the Zoom Rooms experience into high-impact spaces with ease.

What is spatial audio and why does it matter?

Spatial audio creates a realistic and immersive sound field that matches the visual cues of a video conference. It allows in-room participants to hear the voices of the far end talker coming from their relative positions on the screen. This enhances the sense of presence and engagement and reduces the cognitive load and fatigue that often accompanies traditional audio conferencing.

Spatial audio can improve the quality and effectiveness of your meetings including:

  • Making it easier to identify who is speaking and follow the conversation flow
  • Creating a more natural and comfortable listening experience
  • Fostering a more collaborative and interactive atmosphere, where participants feel connected and engaged

How can you achieve spatial audio with Q-SYS and Zoom?

To enable spatial audio in Zoom Rooms with Q-SYS, you will need the following Zoom Pro Audio certified components:

  • A Q-SYS Core processor, which provides software-based processing and configuration for spatial audio and other audio features
  • AcousticDesign™ Series surface-mount loudspeakers, that offer a wide and even coverage for the sound field
  • A corresponding microphone solution to capture the voice of the participants with high-quality and accuracy

Spatial audio works by creating a stereo audio stream for the loudspeakers based on the talker’s position on screen. Q-SYS also provides echo cancellation for stereo far end audio which enables remote participants to clearly hear what is happening in the room and not an echo of themselves.

Check out this link to learn more about Zoom Rooms spatial audio.

How can you get started with spatial audio for Zoom Rooms?

If you are interested in transforming your meeting experiences with spatial audio in Zoom Rooms, you can download a sample design from Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.  The sample design will help you understand the requirements and best practices for deploying Zoom Rooms with spatial audio and provide you with a ready-made template that you can customize and adapt to your specific needs.

Ready to get started? Download a sample design from Q-SYS Designer today.

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