AV Matters – Production Sound with QSC

AV Matters, a leading rental and staging company based in Orlando, Florida has been using QSC products for over 15 years.

We were able to get owner of AV Matters, Mike Evans to sit down for a minute and talk about his experience using QSC products to provide production sound all over the USA.

From freezing winters of Minnesota to blazing hot, humid summers of Florida and everything in between,  gear is loaded into a truck, shipped all over the U.S. and has to work, without fail. This is why Mike uses QSC.

Below are three short videos with Mike discussing his experience with QSC products.

AV Matters and QSC Power Amplifiers

AV Matters and TouchMix Digital Mixers

AV Matters and K Family Powered Loudspeakers


For more information on AV Matters visit their website at www.avmatters.com

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