Klock Entertainment and QSC

Klock Entertainment, based in Harrisburg, PA, is a fully-time full-service entertainment and production company specializing in social events (mostly weddings). Founder and CEO Jason Klock and his 35 employees provide DJ entertainment, lighting, and photo booth services for over 600 events a year.

“We are a total QSC company when it comes to loudspeakers and our DJ’s couldn’t be happier. Our go-to rig for a wedding reception are two K12 powered loudspeakers,” says Klock. “We also add the KW181 subwoofers for larger parties. Additionally, we use K10’s and K8’s for Cocktail Receptions. A majority of our weddings also hire us to provide audio for the ceremony as well. For this we use the TouchMix-8 combined with either the K8 or K10 series speakers.”

“For our applications, we most appreciate the versatility that the QSC K Series offers, such as multiple types of inputs, ‘easy’ EQ adjustment for a multi-op DJ company. Additionally, a pair of K12’s alone work for the majority of ballrooms and parties with our average guest count of 150. The K Series speakers are also extremely durable and reliable. We own over 40 QSC K Series loudspeakers. Only one in the last 5 years has had to be sent back for warranty work. I am more than pleased in my decision to go with QSC for my company. And I will continue to buy QSC as we grow.”

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