Live from Daryl’s House Club Installs K Series

Daryl Hall recently opened a new club in Pawling, NY called Daryl’s House. The sound system is a permanently installed QSC K Series powered loudspeaker system comprised of eight K10s and four KSubs mounted throughout the club with K10 Yoke Mounts. The new club will act as the primary shooting location for the award-winning Live from Daryl’s House (LFDH) show, which broadcasts online and on the VH1 and Palladia TV networks. Serving as a live performance venue for a variety of artists, many of whom have appeared on the show, Daryl’s House will also offer a culinary experience that showcases many of the dishes from LFDH’s food segment.

Production manager for LFDH as well as long time FOH engineer for Hall and Oats, Peter Moshay, designed the sound system at the new Daryl’s House Club. “I’ve been using QSC powered loudspeakers for 8 years on our show, ever since they won a shootout with a host of other powered monitors I demoed at the time. This system with the K10’s and KSubs, really has a synergy with the wooden rooms of Daryl’s House Club. It was clearly the right choice after auditioning a number of speakers in the club. It’s funny how obvious it is when you turn on the right speaker and playback some music, you just know it’s the right one for your room – definition and clarity along with warm low mids that don’t cloud up the room, it punches it up… It’s an elegant compact system that can really kick your butt.”

More information:

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QSC K Series Powered Loudspeakers

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