Musicians use the power of QSC’s K Series to carry the message of recovery!

Rock to Recovery is a non-profit organization founded by former Korn guitarist Wes Geer, and launched in June of 2013. R2R’s program administrators are all clean and sober, professional recording and touring artists. They work with drug and alcohol treatment centers, youth programs, mental health facilities, (and most recently) the Wounded Warriors, to “form a band”, write and record live, a recovery-based song together. Most of the new band members are not musicians, singers, or songwriters. But, with the help and guidance of R2R’s administrators, they are soon playing bass, piano and synth lines on the keyboard, hand percussion, and singing together. This creative process has proven to be priceless as a transformational tool to those in recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries).

In their 90 minute sessions, R2R’s program administrators use their QSC K Series loudspeakers as the backbone of the band, amplifying their drums, keyboards and vocal microphones. Accompanied by electric guitars and hand percussion, the “band” then performs their original song live, for the recording. The song is then posted to Rock to Recovery’s SoundCloud page for the band members to hear and share with family and other loved ones.

Rock to Recovery currently works with over 25 treatment facilities in over 40 locations in Southern California, administering 200 sessions every month.

I am blown away at how great the K series speakers sound regardless of size. (K8, K10, K12). They have more low-end than I ever need, and a high-end articulation that has every singer stoked. I can use one box to power a whole session and sound amazing- that makes Rock to Recovery sessions super RAD!” -Wes Geer

“Powerful, portable, and LOUD. The K Series offer simplicity combined with sonic quality. My single K10 maintains clarity and handles high input levels from vocals, while delivering booming lows and strong mids from my keyboard during my R2R sessions. I don’t know what I’d do without it!!” – Sonny Mayo

“The QSC speakers are such a crucial part of making my job easier and more fun. They sound amazing, they are reliable, and most importantly, they are easy to transport and have set up within seconds. Keeping the creative momentum in our Rock To Recovery sessions require us to focus on the people in front of us, not the equipment. I always feel inspired to play with a group of people in front of me, and a QSC PA behind me to carry the sound.” – Brandon Jordan

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