Online Webinar Schedule

Lead by QSC experts, these small, interactive, online classrooms open up the mic to students to ask live questions, share your screen, interact with colleagues and deepen your QSC product knowledge.

We are limiting the size of these webinars to encourage a more intimate learning experience. If a webinar is full, check back later as we will add additional classes as needed. 

On Demand Webinars

If you can’t find the desired tropic in the schedule, check out our On Demand page which includes all QSC Fresh Bytes Live audio training webinars over the past several months


Interactive Webinar Workshops

Sept 29, 2020 4:00 PM PDT | 7:00 PM EDT (click to sign up)
The Mysteries of Compression
In this lesson we demystify the art of audio compression. Learn exactly what a compressor is and how it affects an audio signal. We’ll discuss the value a compressor can have in your mixes and cover some best practices and guidelines for using compression effectively in your mix.
*Limited Registration*