TouchMix-16 Sessions Video – Heavy Metal Ninjas

Heavy Metal Ninjas are a New Zealand band gaining infamy on an international scale. Their debut album Interstellar Abduction, out on Warner Music and Grind House Records Japan, follows their chart- topping self-titled EP and is a combination of beautiful symphonic arrangements, eerie space-themes and out of this world guitar work, utilizing 6, 7, and 8-string guitars.

Materializing from smoke, lighting up stages and minds alike, the line-up is led by guitar-shogun Richie Allan, and augmented by some of New Zealand’s most formidable instrumentalists; Keegan Donovan on 8 string guitars, Joe Brownless at the drum throne and Nag Reid wielding the 6 string bass. This unique group of energies combines on stage to create a truly devastating experience, only further extended by the mystique in their ninja appearance and light show.

Richie Allan’s orchestral compositions are as cathartic and devastatingly beautiful as his guitar playing is incendiary and inspired. While the band is very much the apotheosis of the modern era, it’s obvious their roots lie deep within the influence of previous generations, invoking some innumerable number sentiments from across the emotional spectrum in the listener.

Richie says, “The TouchMix-16 is our main in-ear monitoring rig. We also use it for recording rehearsals and live shows. The sound quality is amazing plus, it’s so compact it fits in a backpack and travels the world with us. It’s a no brainer!”

The following is a live recording of Heavy Metal Ninjas performing their song, M45, recorded and mixed on the TouchMix16.




Heavy Metal Ninja Website

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