Introducing Cinema 101

One of the subjects that we often grapple with in meetings of the International Cinema Technology Association is “how do we shape the cinema system designers, technicians, and installers of tomorrow?”

It’s a tricky question! Changes in the industry have eliminated a lot of the traditional paths toward this type of work. Well, our new Cinema 101 training just might be part of the solution.

In the “film” days, a kid working a part-time job as an usher or at the concession stand might be curious about what goes on in the projection booth. The curmudgeon in that dark cavern, splicing and threading film, might take an interest in showing the “newbie” the ropes. The apprentice might then do some reading, attend Dolby training school, and eventually replace that projectionist. 

Today, much has changed. There is no film to splice and thread. The ushers and projectionists is a vocation that has gone pretty much the way of the dodo.  Basic cinema training opportunities are hard to find!

Cinema and Pro AV Collide

As I wrote in this blog, there is an ongoing technology convergence of cinema and pro AV. Both industries rely on digital projection and sound technologies to deliver the experience. Doesn’t it make sense, that tomorrow’s cinema system designers, technicians, and installers will migrate from the world of pro AV? After all, there are well-established training opportunities on digital and networking available through AVIXA, the global industry association dedicated to presentation and communication technologies.

Not so fast… as any booth curmudgeon or newbie director will tell you – while the technologies may be similar (or the same), there are significant and fundamental differences in the content, the application, and the spaces in which the experience is delivered.

Time For Some Fundamental Training

As a first step toward bridging these worlds, QSC has developed a online training curriculum – Cinema 101

  • It introduces the basic concepts of cinema audio for commercial theatres and cinema-like applications in multi-purpose venues.
  • It covers how to apply industry best practices.
  • It teaches how to select the appropriate QSC products for a given cinema project. 

If you’ve been in the cinema business for a while, much of the content may not be new. If you’re new to cinema, it may be the best foundational course you’ll find. And, if you’re an AV integrator or consultant whose projects include spaces intended to deliver a cinema-like experience, this is definitely the course for you!

As the movie theatre evolves in this post-pandemic world, technology requirements for these new multi-purpose, multi-experience venues demands knowledgeable expertise from both the Pro AV and Cinema worlds. 

Check out our new Cinema 101 Training, and let us know what you think!