The Transition from Huddle Rooms to High-Impact Spaces

Creating spaces where employees can connect, collaborate, and share knowledge has always been crucial to business success. Before the pandemic, huddle rooms, designed for small, ad-hoc meetings were a popular way for businesses to synchronize employees and save money on real-estate.

In 2017, Research and Markets even predicted there were around 32.4 million huddle rooms worldwide. However, once the pandemic hit, driving demand for hybrid, flexible, and remote work, preferences began to shift.

Employees no longer wanted to return to the office to simply sit in a small meeting space. They learned to collaborate effectively and often more efficiently from home.

Instead, employers and employees are relying on more advanced meeting spaces, equipped with AI and the latest innovations to promote inclusion and collaboration. As a result, the huddle room is quickly transforming into the “high-impact space” which is estimated by Frost and Sullivan to increase to more than 11.3 million spaces worldwide by 2025.

The Growing Potential of the High-Impact Space

As the workplace continues to change at a rapid rate, companies need to invest in creating spaces that allow them to utilize their existing office environments effectively and provide teams with highly collaborative environments for work.

The high-impact space, as defined by Frost & Sullivan, refers to a collaboration space that goes beyond the basics of a traditional conference room.

High-impact spaces deliver elevated experiences for all meeting participants, combining state-of-the-art technology, with a dynamic, scalable environment for hybrid, remote, and in-office spaces. These dynamic environments are meeting spaces that employees want to return to as they enable enhanced collaboration leading to positive meeting outcomes.

High-impact spaces can serve unique purposes in a range of environments, from small business settings to large enterprises. Q-SYS, a division of QSC, is investing in the development of these spaces, by creating a single ecosystem that is easy to deploy, manage, augment, and upgrade according to your specific needs. Via the Q-SYS Platform, companies can purpose-build their high-impact spaces, implementing everything from cutting-edge AV solutions to AI and automation.

Why Transition to a High-Impact Space?

High-impact spaces empower companies to unlock the full potential of any environment for collaboration. Companies can create divisible rooms, training rooms, all hands spaces, and flexible spaces that allow employees to come together at the office and enjoy truly collaborative experiences.

With the powerful audio, video and control technology Q-SYS brings to these spaces, businesses can transform underused spaces into dynamic, engaging environments that inspire employees and drive business success. The result is greater employee experiences, improved productivity, and enhanced flexibility.

While the technology and devices of a high-impact space may vary from one business to the next, the common denominator of a high-impact space is the ability to convert spaces to suit a variety of business needs. Companies can create flexible environments that adapt to varying collaboration needs including multi-zone audio, video distribution, camera switching, and automation to ensure a repeatable experience. For example, you may need to use a space as a divisible room – but when everyone is in the office it can shift to become an all hands room for the company townhall.

As companies continue to invest in the satisfaction and performance of their employees, high-impact spaces offer an opportunity to take a people-centric approach to design and implementation. As a result, Frost & Sullivan believes these spaces will grow to generate a revenue of $139.3 billion by 2025.

The Future of Collaboration is High-Impact Spaces

Frost & Sullivan predicts the increase in high-impact spaces worldwide by 2025, driven by the growing need employers have to attract team members back to the office to enhance company culture, foster human connection, and boost collaboration.

Q-SYS is empowering every company, no matter its size to unlock the potential of high-impact spaces with a combination of state-of-the-art software and hardware. With Q-SYS, companies unlock new levels of productivity and human interaction. Plus, they can continue to use their preferred collaboration tools which creates a familiar experience.

Fostering larger group collaboration, and enhanced teamwork, high-impact spaces are quickly becoming the future for many organizations.

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