The AV Opportunity

Today we see a consolidation happening within nearly every industry. While it’s clear that mergers and acquisitions offer opportunity, there is also a great deal of change.  With change comes the need for companies to increase collaboration to develop, improve or maintain company culture.

This is an opportunity for AV to become a strategic advantage. The opportunity for multiple meetings, with multiple locations, different time zones, and multiple teams that need to collaborate can be accomplished via conferencing technology. To improve and maintain a positive experience, many companies are adopting AV technology standards to ensure they can deliver a consistent user experience, regardless of where the user is located.

While many multinational companies are looking to leverage AV technology standards to centralize strategic AV decisions, there is also a need to maintain tactical decisions and execution at a local level.

Recommendations for creating technology standards:

  • Create AV leadership with strong executive support, budget and globally aligned resources.
  • Involve technology manufactures and work as partners. They can offer guidance on best practices for system design, review components nearing end of life, and can gain a clear vision of technology needs and usage.
  • Maintain a shortlist of preferred and experienced integration partners for all key regions. To build a shortlist, involve key technology manufactures as they have trained and qualified integration partners in region.
  • Document postmortems after every deployment with key partners and team members. These help to improve the process and are key to reducing variables on future deployments. This step is often missed due to aggressive timelines; however, its can be the most important step to help improve the overall standards process.
  • Maintain a list of equipment for each room. Include serial number, software versions, and integration partner contacts for each room type.

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