Driving Innovation and Growth with Q-SYS Developer Partners

At Q-SYS, it’s our mission to bring people together through impactful experiences and a better-connected world.  Which is why over the past year we’ve been hard at work building a strong ecosystem of innovative partners and plugins that expand our ability to deliver on this mission. 

A robust library of plugins allows customers to have greater choice and flexibility when creating their ideal space or experience with Q-SYS.  Late last year, we launched the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program that provides a collaborative and innovative environment between Q-SYS and our Technology Partners to produce beneficial integrations for our mutual end users. And now, we’re launching the Q-SYS Developer Partner Program with qualified third-party developer partners that have met specific Q-SYS requirements to support plugin creation for Technology Partners.

Why is the Developer Partner Program important?

It’s about innovation and growth. Q-SYS plugins enable an elevated customer experience while potentially cutting the time and cost of deployment by days or weeks. Q-SYS Developer Partners have the skilled programming knowledge to create the plugin so the Q-SYS Technology Partners can rapidly develop, market, and sell scalable integrated solutions.

What Q-SYS plugins can Developer Partners create?

There are two types of Q-SYS plugins that Developer Partners can create:

  • Certified Plugins are a full collaboration between a Technology Partner, Q-SYS, and a Developer Partner to scope, develop, and certify a plugin package that meets specific Q-SYS Certified Plugin criteria.
  • Utility Plugins are Q-SYS Control Plugins that extend and/or enhance the functionality of the Q-SYS Platform. 

How do Developer Partners and Technology Partners work together?

Q-SYS Technology Partners initiate a design, scope and marketing of a Q-SYS Control Plugin and collaborate with Q-SYS to further scope the integration to meet Q-SYS Certified Plugin requirements.  When the Technology Partner needs developer resources, that’s where the Developer Partner comes in.  Developer Partners receive referrals based on meeting the required skills and resources to develop the plugin. They proceed to create the Certified Plugin, submit it for testing and certification by Q-SYS, and prepare it for release. 

Why become a Q-SYS Developer Partner?

Developers become part of a collaborative ecosystem where their knowledge and experience are essential to bringing these integrations to life.  Plus, they can accelerate their business with support from dedicated Q-SYS resources, Q-SYS Plugin Certification support, marketing and referrals, development and technical support.  We’re pleased to announce that the following members have joined the program at launch:

  • Carrier Labs
  • Chowmain Software
  • Control Concepts
  • The Farm
  • Forward Thinking Designs
  • Locimation

How do I join?

Visit www.qsys.com/becomeapartner and tell us more about your interest in working with us.