Experience What’s Possible with the Q-SYS Partner Ecosystem at ISE

Are you attending ISE 2023? We hope to see you there! For the first time ever, the Q-SYS stand has been completely reimagined to immerse you into innovative, end-user focused solutions and technology demonstrations from collaboration to commercial and beyond.  Ready to experience what’s possible? Check out the following ways you can see the Q-SYS … leer más

Overview of LG Commercial Display Q-SYS Plugin

The Q-SYS Partner Ecosystem is a network of companies and organizations that partner with Q-SYS to resell, develop or create solutions, enabling and expanding collaboration that unlocks the power of the Q-SYS Platform to deliver exceptional AV experiences for our mutual customers. Q-SYS is designed with third-party integration in mind, and I am excited to … leer más

Why Q-SYS Plugins?

If you are familiar with Q-SYS, you have probably heard the term “plugin” more than a few times. And while we use the word often, there is usually some confusion about what a plugin does and why they are an integral part of the Q-SYS Ecosystem. So let’s dive right in! Q-SYS is built around … leer más

Best Practices for Building UCIs in Q-SYS

The AV world is constantly breaking new ground on the user interfaces being offered to end-users, who are now conditioned to expect nothing less. Many larger organizations have teams of graphic designers, marketing consultants, and branding champions working full-time on evaluating and enhancing end-to-end experiences, because customers want the intuitive, minimalist user interfaces that they … leer más

The Benefits of Working Remotely

Before I joined QSC, I worked for a successful integrator as a programmer and application engineer. I joined the industry at a pivotal time, where network-based systems and cloud integration are no longer a future goal, but very much a present need. While many people became very familiar with the benefits of working remotely over … leer más