The Benefits of Working Remotely

Before I joined QSC, I worked for a successful integrator as a programmer and application engineer. I joined the industry at a pivotal time, where network-based systems and cloud integration are no longer a future goal, but very much a present need.

While many people became very familiar with the benefits of working remotely over the past year, I experienced the advantages in more ways than one.

If you are an end-user, IT professional, or integrator I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation to this:

It’s 4PM on a Tuesday. I’m about to wrap up for the day when suddenly a customer calls me.

“We are doing our semi-annual board meeting tomorrow morning. We were just doing some test calls and we don’t have audio in the room. Help!”

In the past I would have handled it this way:

  1. Try to troubleshoot over the phone.
  2. Speak to a service dispatcher and ask them if anyone is in the area that can stop by.
  3. If no one is available, I drive out to the customer site.
  4. I get to the AV rack and see that the amplifier is in fault. I ask the customer if there was a power event recently and they said they’ve been having brown outs lately.
  5. I reboot the amplifier, and everything is now working.
  6. I run through some tests and make sure the customer gets their meeting going again, without issue.

This whole process takes 1.5 hours and creates unnecessary stress and downtime for the customer.

With Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager:

  1. I open the customer’s Q-SYS Designer file remotely and I see that the third party amplifier is reporting that it is in fault.
  2. I send a reboot command to the amplifier.
  3. I run through some tests and make sure the customer gets their meeting going again, without issue. The audio is now working in the room.

Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager is a game changer for ensuring that customers can get back up and running when technology hiccups happen, without putting boots on the ground. That includes both native Q-SYS devices and connected third-party devices, where system design changes can be made in Q-SYS Designer Software, from anywhere at any time. The quality of support and service that you can offer goes up tenfold when you’re able to get automated notification of system issues, make changes securely from remote locations, and immediately address and resolve the issues at hand.

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