Avoid the Dangers of Ladder Rage!

If you are unfamiliar with the term “ladder rage”, let’s discuss what this phenomenon is and how QSC AcousticDesign (AD) loudspeakers can eliminate that repetitive trudge up and down the ladder.

Have you ever been on the top of a ladder struggling with torsion grills or struggling to line up speaker logos with the other installed speakers? Have you ever climbed a ladder to install a wall loudspeaker onto a ball mount only to have it not line up with the other speakers? These are a few of the installation nightmares that lead to Ladder Rage™! However, your loudspeaker installation does not have to be a dreadful experience. QSC AcousticDesign loudspeakers offer unique design capabilities that make installation easier and more efficient.

AD Series loudspeakers remove a lot of the struggle that often accompanies your trip up the ladder by offering a magnetic grill on the ceiling-mount and pendant-mount speakers. This is a snap-fit magnetic grill that fits inside the bezel and does not require force to install it. It also makes lining up of logos among speakers quick and easy. AD Series ceiling-mount models also feature removable input covers, which make landing conduit much easier. The removable cover has one screw that only backs out part way. This means no more loose screws that come off and drop on the floor when you remove the cup. How many times have you dropped a screw onto the floor and had it disappear into some fourth dimension?

AcousticDesign surface-mount loudspeakers use QSC’s patented X-Mount™ with knurled pivot points and grooves that lock into place. The X-Mount will not slip or sag over time, is easy to set, and has repeatable angles which allows for simple and quick installations. Better yet, all of the angles can be set (and repeated) on the ground first, and mounted to the wall well before you are ready to actually land the loudspeaker to the mount.

Finally, all of QSC’s AcousticDesign loudspeakers use Euroblock connectors, which allow wire termination and separate loop through prior to hanging the loudspeaker. This allows you to save time and complete most of the installation without actually hanging the loudspeaker.

Eliminate Ladder Rage! Let QSC AcousticDesign loudspeakers help!