Delivering Better through Software: Improved USB Video Bridging & Camera Streaming

The success of the Q-SYS Platform has always been rooted in delivering new value at the software layer. That tradition continues in a major way with the release of Q-SYS Designer Software v9.3. Among the many new features being introduced, I’m particularly excited to share a new enabling technology that will bring improvements to how … Lire la suite

Purpose-Built Collaboration in High-Impact Spaces

For employees transitioning to hybrid and in-person work schedules, the need for compelling meeting spaces to return to is evident. QSC and Logitech recently partnered to provide a dynamic range of audio, video and control solutions to meet the increasing demand for enhanced room features and capabilities that enable meeting equity for remote, hybrid, and … Lire la suite

Configurer Q-SYS en tenant compte de la sécurité

La modernisation du secteur audiovisuel est indispensable et QSC innove dans ce sens depuis des décennies. Avec l’adoption massive de l’audiovisuel en réseau et le constat généralisé de ses nombreux avantages, il est désormais impératif que les utilisateurs apprennent à configurer un système en tenant compte de la sécurité. Lire la suite

The Benefits of Working Remotely

Before I joined QSC, I worked for a successful integrator as a programmer and application engineer. I joined the industry at a pivotal time, where network-based systems and cloud integration are no longer a future goal, but very much a present need. While many people became very familiar with the benefits of working remotely over … Lire la suite