Why Join the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program?

If you stopped by the Q-SYS booth at InfoComm, you probably heard about the announcement of our Q-SYS Technology Partner Program. We are excited to see this program come to life after a year of planning and coordination. As with any new launch, we have received several questions about how to join the program and what exactly it means to become a Q-SYS Technology Partner. So, let’s jump right in!

What is the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program?

The Q-SYS Technology Partner Program creates a collaborative and innovative environment between Q-SYS and a Technology Partner, which produces beneficial integrations for mutual end-users.

What are the program pillars?


Join a thriving ecosystem of developers and partners innovating with the Q-SYS Platform to drive integration solutions forward.


We certify or verify your solutions so they are ready to go to market and provide ongoing support and maintenance to help you market your added value and capabilities to our shared end-users.


Align with an industry leader to expand your go-to-market reach through the promotion, validation and support of third-party products featuring Q-SYS certification and verification.

Do all Q-SYS Technology Partners need to develop Q-SYS plugins?

Technology Partners develop both Q-SYS solutions and Q-SYS plugins. Collaborating with  Q-SYS to pinpoint the specific integration is part of the process. Every solution offered by a Q-SYS Technology Partner within the program must have documented and approved support channels, derived from the development process.

Q-SYS Solutions are developed by Technology Partners in collaboration with Q-SYS. These solutions are defined as Open Integrations and are brought to market.

Q-SYS Plugins enable Technology Partners to integrate their AV/IT devices/services into a Q-SYS design and control those devices with separate, installable scripting components. As Q-SYS Technology Partners collaborate with Q-SYS to define a plugin for their hardware and software, a pool of Q-SYS certified and accredited Q-SYS Developer Partners can enable the Plugin creation on behalf of the Q-SYS Technology Partner.

Market your solutions as Q-SYS Certified or Q-SYS Ready— show customers your solutions have been developed in direct collaboration with Q-SYS and integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS.

What is the difference between a Q-SYS Certified Technology and a Q-SYS Ready Technology?

Q-SYS Certified Solutions

  • Developed in collaboration with Q-SYS
  • An enhanced experience which has been certified and endorsed by the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program
  • Supported by both Q-SYS & Partner, available to the market
  • May include integration with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

Q-SYS Ready Solutions

  • Developed independently
  • An enhanced experience which has been verified to be interoperable by the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program
  • Supported by the Partner and is available to the market

Why should you join the program?

Deeper integration with Q-SYS

Get an all-access pass to the Q-SYS Ecosystem with the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program.

Develop Q-SYS approved solutions

Give your solutions the Q-SYS stamp of approval with Q-SYS Certified and Q-SYS Ready.

Collaboration with our team

Work side by side with the Q-SYS team to develop, certify, and verify your solutions and get them to market.

Ongoing support

We are invested in your success and bringing a new generation of solutions to our shared customers.

How do I join the program?

Visit qsc.com/becomeapartner to join today!

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  1. I’m San, the product manager in Lumens.
    Recently, we have more and more customers who want to use the QSC Controller to control our products.
    Lumens wants to be a QSC partner.
    Let Qsys to integrate and control Lumens products.

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