Extending the Google Meet Experience to High-Impact Spaces with Lenovo

Hybrid work has fundamentally shifted the way people work and collaborate. Companies must design a new workspace experience that brings together employees through purposeful connection. According to the Gensler U.S Workplace Survey 2022, “Employees want the office to be a great place to get work done, even beyond collaboration. The right experiences will accelerate their return.” High-impact spaces like flex spaces, multipurpose rooms, and tech talk rooms offer flexibility for a variety of experiences from collaboration to common areas. Due to their use cases, these spaces require advanced functionality, including multi-zone audio, video distribution, and automatic multi-camera switching, to name a few. It is also essential to ensure that these high-impact spaces are easy to adopt, deploy, and, most importantly, to use. 

We recently announced our collaboration with Lenovo which allows you to bundle the Google Meet Series One compute and controller with a Q-SYS AV solution for your high-impact space. This will enable you to customize the system for the needs of your space when a current bundle is not the right solution.

Since the Q-SYS OS is jointly tested and certified with Google Meet, there is ultimate flexibility to purpose-build the right audio, video, and control solution for your space. Pair that with Google Workspace third-party room controls to extend your controller’s capabilities beyond call controls. This allows you to harness the power of intelligent AV and create fully customizable environments for current and future integrations.  

Through our collaboration with Lenovo, you can elevate hybrid work with better in-room experiences. By combining Lenovo’s Google Meet Series One devices and Q-SYS, we are bringing our solutions to even more customers looking to deploy high-impact spaces for their employees.  

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