TouchMix Sessions, “Roja” by The ill Movement

The ill Movement live performance of ill Nicky’s original song, “Roja.” with Soul singer, Aquile. Produced by Blowhole Sound and recorded on the TouchMix-16 compact digital mixer.


Recording Notes:

  • ill Nicky vocal – SM58 microphone
  • Aquile vocal – Telefunken M80 microphone
  • Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar

TouchMix-16 recorded 3 separate tracks as wav files direct to hard disk via USB.  Wav files imported into Pro Tools.  Song mixed in Pro Tools by Blowhole Sound.  Single one-shot video synchronized with final audio mix, for video.

Learn more about QSC TouchMix compact digital mixers

Social Media:
ill Nicky – @TheillNicky
Aquile – @AquileMusic
Blowhole Sound – @blowholesound
The ill Movement – @TheillMovement


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