Best Practices When Using In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)

When it comes to using in-ear monitors, there are two camps of thought; Those who like them and those who don’t. Either way, many musicians will be confronted with the prospect of having to use in-ear monitors (IEMs) at some point. For example, a venue that requires the volume threshold to be kept under a … leer más

How to Hear Yourself and Improve Your Performance

Proper Use of Audio Mixers and Floor Monitors The main objective when dialing in stage monitors is to provide the best possible reference for each musician to help them to achieve their best performance.  Adjusting them correctly for each artist is critical to the performance of the band as a whole.  Whether you’re using floor … leer más

How to Optimize Your Worship Service Mix for Broadcast and Live Streaming

In this pandemic-induced era, numerous venues and churches have been compelled to embrace the realm of livestreaming. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of livestreaming or seeking ways to enhance the audio quality of your broadcasts, this article will prove invaluable. The main production goal of a streaming broadcast mix is to recreate the … leer más

Developing Your Contemporary Worship Team Vocals

Once upon a time, churches had no sound systems. The congregation sang their lyrics and sight read their vocal parts from hymnals. Fast forward to today; most churches are using current technology including sound systems, lighting, presentation software, cameras for live streaming and more.  Unlike church from ages past, we must consider how to integrate … leer más

Understanding Closed, Vented and Band-pass Subwoofer Designs

The history of the subwoofer is inextricably linked with the evolution of the full-range loudspeaker. In the mid-1950s, various manufacturers of hi-fi loudspeakers began to introduce compact, closed-box enclosures that featured long-throw woofers, and in the early 1970s a talented engineer working at Jensen, named James Novak, developed the equations describing a bass reflex (or … leer más

Consejos para la colocación de altavoces para sonido en vivo (parte I)

Los altavoces QSC son populares por reproducir las fuentes de sonido de manera precisa y con gran potencia en una gran variedad de aplicaciones. Sin embargo, a diferencia del entorno controlado de un estudio de sonido, el mundo real presenta infinidad de desafíos a los que hay que enfrentarse para obtener un sonido agradable, tanto con QSC como con cualquier otra marca de altavoz. Muchos factores, como la forma de las salas, la altura del techo y la presencia de paredes que reflejan o absorben el sonido, se combinan de tal forma que configurar un sistema de sonido se convierte en todo un desafío... leer más