DCA Amps Done Right!

Setting up DCA amps with QSC DataPort processors and DCS Series Loudspeakers is fast and easy because a single HD-15 cable carries all connections between the amplifiers and processor.  Dual channel audio input, control of AC standby mode, amplifier output monitoring and even impedance measurement of loudspeaker loads are all accomplished via a single DataPort cable connection for each pair of amp channels.

Fast, powerful and affordable systems can be wired in a fraction of the time required for individual analog cable connections.  Software, like the free DPM Director iOS app, makes complete system control via Wi-Fi possible, even when you aren’t standing at the equipment rack.  However, we often find installations of DCA amplifiers in Cinemas with DCP, DPM or DCM processors where a few simple set-up issues are preventing the system from performing at maximum capacity.

Avoid these common mistakes and your DCA amps will serve as the powerhouse they are built to be!

Using VGA cables – DON’T DO IT!

no to vga cable

Use only QSC DataPort cables to make the amplifier input and monitor connections. Off the shelf “VGA-style” cables may be missing connections or have shorted pins.  Some VGA cables will blow the internal fuse on the 15v power supply and render the amp unusable.  Also, QSC DataPort cables have a special shielded connection for the audio inputs that is not present on conventional VGA cables.

When using DataPort Connections to DCA amplifiers from QSC processors like the DPM, DCP or DCM, there are a few things we often discover that have been overlooked during installation.

Gain Control and Switch Settings

Make sure gain controls and configuration switches are properly configured.
Failure to turn the gain control all the way up on the DCA amp results in clipping the output of the processor. The gain structure is engineered to work correctly with the gain all the way up.

2422 callout

Gain Control Covers

Failure to install the gain security covers often results in tampering by unauthorized staff.  Gain covers are included with all DCA amps and are secured via the front panel Allen head screw.

CoverDIP Switches

One of the most common issues we encounter is the failure to correctly set the DIP switches on the DCA amps.  QSC DataPort Processors provide all of the filtering required.
-The amplifier High Pass Filter (HPF) should be turned off, especially for subwoofers.  The 30 Hz HPF will take out the extreme Low Frequency content.

-Parallel input switches should not be engaged when using the DataPort. They short the line level amp inputs together and aren’t used with the DataPort.

-The clip limiters should be left on. They protect amps and speakers from excessively loud signals.

DIP Switches


Use QSC DCS Series loudspeakers to allow QSC DSP presets and Intrinsic Correction™ to speed system set-up and assure the best possible audio performance.

With a little extra attention to the details above, DCA amps, DCS Series Loudspeakers and QSC DataPort processors work together to provide the highest possible performance and the lowest installation time and effort.  Amazing performance is easily achievable at a very affordable price.