Delivering Better through Software: Improved USB Video Bridging & Camera Streaming

The success of the Q-SYS Platform has always been rooted in delivering new value at the software layer. That tradition continues in a major way with the release of Q-SYS Designer Software v9.3. Among the many new features being introduced, I’m particularly excited to share a new enabling technology that will bring improvements to how … leer más

Purpose-Built Collaboration in High-Impact Spaces

For employees transitioning to hybrid and in-person work schedules, the need for compelling meeting spaces to return to is evident. QSC and Logitech recently partnered to provide a dynamic range of audio, video and control solutions to meet the increasing demand for enhanced room features and capabilities that enable meeting equity for remote, hybrid, and … leer más

Cómo configurar Q-SYS pensando en la seguridad

La modernización del sector audiovisual es de vital importancia, y QSC lleva décadas innovando para hacerla posible. Sin embargo, al haber actualmente una mayor aceptación de los sistemas AV en red, y una enorme conciencia de sus beneficios, urge enseñar cómo configurar un sistema dando prioridad a la seguridad. leer más

The Benefits of Working Remotely

Before I joined QSC, I worked for a successful integrator as a programmer and application engineer. I joined the industry at a pivotal time, where network-based systems and cloud integration are no longer a future goal, but very much a present need. While many people became very familiar with the benefits of working remotely over … leer más