Die 7 “Sünden” des Kinos

Aus Fehlern lernt man manchmal einfach am besten. Die Ausbildung professioneller Mitarbeiter für die Planung von Kinos, einschließlich der Sound- und Projektionssysteme, kostet viel Zeit und Energie. Dabei können wir in vielen Fällen aus unseren Fehlern aufschlussreiche Erkenntnisse ziehen. In den 30 Jahren, in denen ich nun schon in der Kinobranche bin, habe ich enorm viel von THX, Dolby sowie von Hollywood-Post-Producern und den großartigen Tontechnikern gelernt, mit denen ich arbeiten durfte. Weiterlesen

Introducing Cinema 101

One of the subjects that we often grapple with in meetings of the International Cinema Technology Association is “how do we shape the cinema system designers, technicians, and installers of tomorrow?” It’s a tricky question! Changes in the industry have eliminated a lot of the traditional paths toward this type of work. Well, our new Cinema … Weiterlesen

Steuern Sie ihren Barco Kinoprojektor mit Q-SYS

Suchen Sie eine Möglichkeit, Plug-ins kreativ zu nutzen? Dann ist die Asset Manager Funktion in der Q-SYS Designer Software genau das Richtige für Sie. Wir erweitern unser Q-SYS for Cinema Universum mit dem neuen Steuerungs-Plug-in für digitale Barco Kinoprojektoren der Serie 1 und 2. Damit sind bereits zwei der führenden Hersteller für Kinoprojektoren im Q-SYS Ecosystem integriert, und das ist erst der Anfang. Weiterlesen

The Biggest and (still) the Best

QSC’s SC-444 Screen Channel Loudspeaker System Ever since it was first introduced over 14 years ago, no other screen channel loudspeaker has come close to matching the performance and utility of QSC’s SC-444 Screen Channel Loudspeaker system.  It was, and is still, simply the best large room cinema system available.  From top to bottom, here … Weiterlesen

Cinema Audiovisual Solutions

Technology Convergence Brings New Opportunities Q: When is a movie theatre not a movie theatre? A: When the content appears to be feature film or custom created content, but you don’t smell popcorn as you walk in, and you didn’t have to buy a ticket. The venue might be a high school or college auditorium, … Weiterlesen

How Loudspeakers Work

How the Beatles influenced my line of work Did you ever wonder how a loudspeaker works? So did I, at a very young age – but I was more interested in understanding the electric guitar after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. It turns out the two operate on very similar (yet opposite) … Weiterlesen

Q-SYS Keeps Expanding

It’s been a busy few weeks at QSC, with the announcement of two major new developments that further solidify the expanding role of Q-SYS in movie theatres. You may remember that early on in the journey of Q-SYS for Cinema, we were saying “If it can be controlled, it can be controlled by Q-SYS.” There … Weiterlesen

New Cores for Cinema

If you haven’t noticed, QSC has been slowly changing the paradigm of cinema sound.  This past week, another milestone was reached with the introduction of two new Q-SYS Core processors, expanding the Q-SYS Ecosystem both as a product line and as a practical application scenario throughout the modern cinema complex – and beyond. Over 20 … Weiterlesen

It’s Time for ATOT!

We’re only beginning to come to terms with the fundamental changes in many industries in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. While no one can accurately predict the future, one thing is for certain: the cinema exhibition industry will be anything BUT a return to “business as usual”. The pandemic is not the only … Weiterlesen

The New Networked Normal of Cinema

No one knows exactly what the “new normal” of cinema exhibition will look like. First, let’s get this out of the way: Coronavirus will not kill the global cinema exhibition industry. Changes are for certain, but cinema is here to stay. As has already been said by many industry observers – cinema has survived the … Weiterlesen