Little Hurricane – Live Performance Videos with TouchMix

We caught up with the band Little Hurricane at The Slidebar in Fullerton, CA.  The band is using the TouchMix-16 compact digital mixer for in-ear monitor mixing and multi-track recording of their live shows.

Luckily for us, the Slidebar is right down the road from QSC so we decided to bring a few GoPro cameras and help Little Hurricane produce a couple of live performance videos using the TouchMix. We also were able to get a few minutes with Tone (guitar and vocals) to discuss how Little Hurricane is using the TouchMix. (See below for more information on the recording.)

Interview with Tone

Sweet Pea (Live Performance Video)

March of the Living (Live Performance Video)


About the live recording:
All microphone and instrument inputs on stage were connected to a two-way rack-mounted transformer-balanced microphone splitter (as Tone explains in the interview video above). One set of outputs from the splitter  was connected to the inputs on the front of house mixer. The other set of outputs on the splitter was connected to the inputs on the TouchMix-16 as follows:

  1. Kick
  2. Snare
  3. Hi-Hat
  4. Tom 1 (rack)
  5. Tom 2 (floor)
  6. Drum Overhead Left
  7. Drum Overhead Right
  8. DPD Trigger Pad (mono)
  9. Guitar Bass Direct (Oc-3 pedal)
  10. Guitar Amp Mic 1 (Supro)
  11. Guitar Amp Mic 2 (Matchless)
  12. Tenor Guitar DI
  13. Mandolin
  14. Lead Vocal – Tone
  15. Dirty Vocal – Tone
  16. Vocal – CC

An external solid state USB-3 hard drive connected to TouchMix recorded separate WAV files for each of the above inputs . Next, the WAV files were imported into the band’s computer using the TouchMix DAW Utility software and then mixed in Pro Tools by Tone.

Tone sent us the mixed stereo audio file, which we imported into Adobe Premier video editing software. After manually syncing the audio to the video tracks, we edited and rendered the final video.

Check out this video for more information about recording with the TouchMix.

Little Hurricane has been featured in Rolling Stone and have songs appearing in four Taco Bell national TV ads, MLB’s “The Show” 2016 video game, as well as a number of indie movies. They are currently working on their third studio release and continue to tour and play festivals year-round.

For more on Little Hurricane visit


Photo gallery from sound check and performance at Slidebar (by MRBiehl Photography):

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