Forming a Partnership

QSC has worked closely with Sennheiser over the past several months to align on a few key strategic initiatives. We wanted to share a few things we’ve learned with a broader audience. So here we go!

Aligning on Priorities

At QSC, we know that alliances are more than just checking off boxes for a necessary solution, but rather sharing common values and vision to create great experiences for our joint customers. Sennheiser is a well-known global audio brand recognized for quality and reliability, and from the beginning, it was clear that they would be a great partnership for QSC. They are focused on building strong relationships and listening to customers, which are well aligned with QSC. Our teams work cross-functionally, and we strive for the “win-win” so that customers get a complete solution vetted by both QSC and Sennheiser.

As our relationship began, we worked closely to develop a proof of concept that would enable easier integration of Sennheiser devices into Q-SYS. The process saw QSC install the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone in multiple meeting rooms, while Sennheiser added Q-SYS to their test rooms, creating more familiarity throughout both organizations. We also held weekly talks to share thoughts and ideas, which culminated in some exciting new developments.

Certified for Microsoft Teams

QSC recently announced its portfolio of meeting room accessories that are now certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms, and that was thanks, in part, to this new partnership with Sennheiser. Each room accessory bundle features the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 as the microphone solution, which helps Q-SYS extend the Microsoft Teams experience into high-value divisible spaces, training rooms, executive boardrooms, and all-hands spaces. Check out QSC’s Microsoft Teams page to learn about QSC and Sennheiser’s certified Teams Room Accessories.

The Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Microphone

Speaking of the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Microphone, we should mention we have a Q-SYS plugin via Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager within Q-SYS Designer Software. The Sennheiser plugin enables configuration and management of the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone within Q-SYS and allows users to easily discover the microphone on the same subnet as the Q-SYS Core processor, monitor audio levels, and get a real-time view of the vertical and horizontal angle of the detected person speaking. All these capabilities can be exposed as graphic elements and drag and dropped onto any custom Q-SYS user control interface (UCI).

The Sennheiser TCC2 is a ceiling-mount network microphone array, offering unique, patented speaker position detection and dynamic beamforming for unmatched speech intelligibility. The microphone is PoE, easy to install, and offers analog and digital (Dante™) audio outputs for easy connectivity to installed AV systems. Another unique feature is that a TCC2 only requires one network audio channel, minimizing the network usage and processing needs. 

SpeechLine Digital Wireless Series

There is another plugin for SpeechLine Digital Wireless series microphones now available in Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager. Sennheiser recently updated this line and we’ve been testing the solution to include additional controls via Q-SYS UCI in room types like all hands, flex/divisible, training, and large meeting rooms.

What’s Next

QSC is excited to provide a preview for an upcoming Q-SYS Control plugin that will allow Q-SYS to leverage the real-time vertical and horizontal angle of the TCC2 allow Q-SYS to trigger camera zone presets to better position the speaker in the video frame.

To learn more about Sennheiser and QSC, visit: