The Power of Partnership

Welcome! I’m Cory Schaeffer, Director of Alliances & Market Development at QSC. This new blog series is written to highlight the power of partnership and amplify the messages and innovations of our valued partners. I’d like to introduce you to the newly formed Alliances & Market Development team at QSC. Every good team introduction starts with a mission statement, so let’s get started!

Our Mission: To establish and nurture third-party technology and go-to-market partnerships to create, deliver and promote market-ready solutions that delight customers and accelerate the adoption of products and platforms from QSC and our partners.

Simply put, our goal is to help our partners and sales team sell the best and most complete solution to our end customers through strategic alliances. While this goal may seem lofty, partnerships have always been a part of our story!  

A Brief History: It All Starts with a Partnership

The Q-SYS Ecosystem was conceived from the beginning as a flexible software-based, fully integrated audio, video and control platform. The key to the success of the platform is fundamentally tied to QSC’s decision to base it on standard IT technology and create a deep and meaningful technology partnership with Intel. Powered by Intel, along with the robustness and mission-critical reliability of a Linux operating system, and the interoperability of IEEE networking standards, the Q-SYS Ecosystem has evolved at a rate far faster than other platforms.  

Intel processing provides the Q-SYS Ecosystem with the processing headroom to replace disparate components with a software-based fully integrated system. This allows QSC to offer a software-based solution that can be enhanced, enriched and upgraded to serve today’s needs (and even those future facing needs they may not even consider yet!) Stay tuned as we embark on a deeper relationship with the Intel team. This unique partnership has enabled both companies to focus on our strengths to offer the best and most complete solution. And that’s what partnership is all about!

Effective collaboration with Q-SYS. Powered by Intel.

What’s Next:

Our partnership opportunities are limitless, particularly in the area of control. Stay tuned for exciting updates regarding third-party plugins, certifications, and new features!