Empowering Zoom in Larger Conference Room Scenarios

The global nature of business has spawned the need for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective communication like video conferencing. The benefits are clear (better collaboration and improved decision making), yet most companies do not use a standardized platform that can easily scale across their entire enterprise.

For obvious reasons, we gravitate toward solutions that are familiar and vetted in our everyday lives. For meeting room technology, familiarity breeds productivity, and eliminates the need to contact the help desk just to get a meeting started. For those reasons, many enterprises deploy familiar cloud-based, soft codec solutions like Zoom meetings for their conferencing needs.

These solutions work well in huddle rooms and small gathering places. However, when you try to deploy them in larger conference rooms, training rooms or all-hands spaces, these soft codecs often fall short in delivering the same dependable and reliable user experience.

Luckily, these challenges can be overcome with the right equipment and thoughtful design. In a larger room, you want to use installed loudspeakers to provide greater coverage, additional microphones to capture the larger audience, multiple conference cameras to cover all participants (and whiteboards), and BYOD capabilities so users can launch the call directly from their own “BYOD” devices (laptop or tablet). Furthermore, you need an integrated audio, video and control processor to manage the additional I/O, provide additional EQ and processing to combat any additional echo created by the larger spaces, and still provide the users with a simplified GUI to make the entire experience effortless.

We have a library of app guides and case studies that illustrate how Zoom and Zoom Rooms applications can easily scale into larger spaces. Users simply plug in a single USB cable into their device and launch their web application, just as they would from a desk.

Q-SYS Conferencing for Zoom – App Guide

Q-SYS Conferencing for Zoom Rooms – App Guide

Q-SYS Conferencing for Zoom Rooms – One Sheet

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