Finding a Balance

We find ourselves in the midst of a workplace transformation, fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s growing fatigue in an exclusively work from home approach and businesses are trying to find a new balance between the home office and the workplace.

So how can we, as manufacturers, help companies find a productive balance between working from home and going into the office? The answer lies in developing intelligent, flexible technologies to adapt to any environment through strategic partnerships. Most people spend their days navigating between a variety of UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. Our challenge is to provide the same ease of use and end-user experience across a range of platforms. A great solution for this problem is the integration of Q-SYS and Barco ClickShare Conference.

In this new hybrid work environment, with some people in the office and some working remotely, we have embraced video conferencing as a natural way of collaboration. And no business tool has been more important during this pandemic than an employee’s laptop. As we gradually return to the office, it has become clear that connecting in-room and remote participants is still far from an engaging experience. That’s why Barco expanded upon the successful ClickShare Conference, making an intuitive wireless conferencing solution. The original ClickShare allows users to share content from their laptops to a room’s displays, enabling simple content sharing and collaboration. With the new ClickShare Conference in-room users can also bridge in-room audio and video devices for a complete meeting experience.

Adding Barco ClickShare Conference to the Q-SYS Ecosystem allows for easy, wireless collaboration in rooms that were previously a challenge like reconfigurable flexible spaces or training rooms, while also providing added capabilities to boardrooms and standard conference rooms regardless of UC platform. QSC has developed a plugin that allows users to connect and monitor Barco ClickShare devices within the Q-SYS Ecosystem, expanding the reach of Q-SYS integration capabilities to include wireless collaboration systems. With the Barco ClickShare Conference plugin, a room admin can monitor the connection status of the ClickShare Base Unit and paired Buttons as well as view the input and output video resolutions. Using Barco ClickShare Conference in conjunction with the Q-SYS “Bring your own Control” solutions creates a touchless collaboration system, helping to ensure an even safer meeting environment.

Hybrid meetings can be as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings, with help from both QSC and Barco. To learn more view the webinar below where we dive deeper into these technologies.

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