Hintergrund- und Vordergrundmusik: Zwei unterschiedliche Persönlichkeiten

Hans G.-M. (H. G.-M.) ist der Erstgeborene. (Falls Sie es noch nicht bemerkt haben, das sind natürlich keine echten Personen. Sorry für das Wortspiel!) Er wuchs um 1900 auf und verbrachte seine jungen Jahre damit, eingängige Musik in Aufzügen zu spielen, um nervöse Fahrgäste zu beruhigen. Dadurch erhielt er den wenig schmeichelhaften Beinamen Hans „Aufzugmusik“ (der ihn bis heute verfolgt)... Weiterlesen

Throw This

The term “throw” is perhaps the biggest misnomer in the pro audio industry.  The reality is sound does not throw, but “propagates” through the air. The distance over which sound propagates and still remains intelligible basically depends on the ratio of acoustic signal-to-noise at the listener’s location. While many audio pedants (myself included) will cringe … Weiterlesen

FAST (Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology)

Every so often a new technology paradigm comes along that causes you to forget everything you know, and eventually changes the way you specify or design systems. A few years ago, QSC introduced a new platform of four-channel DSP power amplifiers, available in three flavors – PLD Series for live sound, CXD Series for install … Weiterlesen

Avoid the Dangers of Ladder Rage!

If you are unfamiliar with the term “ladder rage”, let’s discuss what this phenomenon is and how QSC AcousticDesign (AD) loudspeakers can eliminate that repetitive trudge up and down the ladder. Have you ever been on the top of a ladder struggling with torsion grills or struggling to line up speaker logos with the other installed … Weiterlesen

Better Loudspeaker Design Is Pure Physics

Whether you like it or not, sound waves will always radiate spherically from a sound source (such as a loudspeaker). Don’t believe me? Try throwing a rectangular brick into a pond. Do you think the larger ripples will resolve into rectangles or circles? Audiovisual professionals have long used rectangular shaped horns as the go-to option … Weiterlesen