Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager and Volteo EDGE™ Allow for Seamless ServiceNow® Integration

High-impact spaces are critical to organizations, and they need to be ready and functional when needed. It has been a challenge to monitor and proactively alert issues in these spaces with the tools IT has standardized on. Many times, these spaces require different applications for essential monitoring and alerting.  

Now with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager and Volteo EDGE we can seamlessly integrate your Q-SYS systems directly into ServiceNow. This allows you to utilize your existing ServiceNow ticketing system to support your AV systems natively without training your help desk staff on new workflows or processes. It also allows you to utilize ServiceNow’s robust reporting system to generate metrics and data for your leadership on the key issues in your spaces. 

Through the Volteo EDGE Platform and Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, you can gain greater efficiency and proactive alerting based on customized rules so issues can be resolved before they become problems.

This integration is made possible by three specific key pieces of technology.

  1. Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager – All Q-SYS core processors can connect to Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, our cloud monitoring solution, and can be organized by Sites and Systems. With the help of our documented and open API, this allows any third-party system to get information from any of the Q-SYS core processors or monitored peripherals that are connected to Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager. You can get information in real-time such as events, status, items, uptime, and firmware, and use this information to create reports, automation, and create tickets when issues occur.
  2. Volteo EDGE Platform – Since 2013, Volteo has been an exclusive ServiceNow partner and provides solutions for integrating through their EDGE platform. They can process vast amounts of raw data with intelligence and analytics, allowing you to create customized workflows that work best for your environment. Rules can be placed so that when specific statuses are detected on Q-SYS cores processors or peripherals, they can trigger automatic incident creation and further automation based on priority. This platform creates a seamless integration between Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager and ServiceNow, allowing more oversight and data from your AV systems.
  3. ServiceNow – The Now Platform includes core capabilities that digitize, connect, and automate siloed processes to make workflows. ServiceNow has a vast array of products from IT, employee, customer, and creator workflows, and now with the Q-SYS partnership with the Volteo EDGE platform, you can use the same service and workflows you are already utilizing for the rest of your IT services to support your Q-SYS systems.

This solution lets you manage your Q-SYS systems on the platform you have standardized for IT service management instead of an utterly disparate system allowing for greater efficiencies because your support teams are already familiar with the tools. Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager will still need to be accessed for some things, but the baseline alerting can be consolidated with everything else in the organization into one system.

If you are interested in how Q-SYS and Volteo EDGE can provide a better support experience for your team through the utilization of ServiceNow please fill out our form here for more information.