New Network Cameras Now Certified for Zoom Rooms

Q-SYS is pleased to announce that the NC-12×80 and NC-20×60 network cameras are now certified as ProAV cameras for Zoom Rooms. The Q-SYS NC Series conference cameras deliver high-quality video that feeds natively to the Q-SYS Platform. These network cameras offer a scalable collaboration camera solution for your meeting space.

Driven by the Q-SYS OS, the NC Series cameras natively integrate into any Q-SYS system, allowing for camera routing without the need for complicated programming. By leveraging the power of the network, rather than dedicated camera switching hardware, you can add the needed amount of cameras to your system, all while delivering a singular UVC/UAC stream to the Zoom Rooms compute.

The cameras are a perfect fit for high-impact spaces especially when paired with Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) and/or Seervision intelligent video. For example, in an all hands space, cameras need to capture the presenter while they are at the front of the room speaking, but also the audience members when they ask a question. The Seervision solution uses computer vision-based scene analysis, and adaptive full-body tracking that automatically follows and frames a presenter for a more natural experience. ACPR functionality uses audio data from in-room microphones to determine where a talker is in a room to automatically switch between user-defined camera presets. All this results in a more engaging viewing experience for far-end participants.

Together, Seervision and Q-SYS deliver a holistic intelligent video solution allowing you to confidently extend the Zoom Rooms experience into high-impact spaces. With an audio, visual and control solution that enables Zoom Rooms in the spaces where you need it, Q-SYS delivers the immersive user experience you expect. Ready to learn more? Check out the Zoom Rooms Audio and Video Solutions Applications Guide for Q-SYS. You can also access additional resources including Solution Overview Guides based on room configuration at