Revolutionizing Hybrid Meetings: Q-SYS Unveils Support for Spatial Audio for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Today, I’m thrilled to share a game-changing development in the world of hybrid meetings. Q-SYS has just introduced the first certified for Microsoft Teams solution supporting spatial audio in a Microsoft Teams Room. Join me as we explore the exciting world of spatial audio and how it will transform the way we connect, communicate, and … Lire la suite

New Network Cameras Now Certified for Zoom Rooms

Q-SYS is pleased to announce that the NC-12×80 and NC-20×60 network cameras are now certified as ProAV cameras for Zoom Rooms. The Q-SYS NC Series conference cameras deliver high-quality video that feeds natively to the Q-SYS Platform. These network cameras offer a scalable collaboration camera solution for your meeting space. Driven by the Q-SYS OS, … Lire la suite

Extending the Google Meet Experience to High-Impact Spaces with Lenovo

Hybrid work has fundamentally shifted the way people work and collaborate. Companies must design a new workspace experience that brings together employees through purposeful connection. According to the Gensler U.S Workplace Survey 2022, “Employees want the office to be a great place to get work done, even beyond collaboration. The right experiences will accelerate their … Lire la suite

Q-SYS and Google Meet Deliver Immersive Tech Talk Rooms

Have you ever wondered how large enterprises share knowledge at scale? The term “High-Impact Spaces” refers to an emerging collaboration space that goes beyond a typical conference room. High-impact spaces are rich in technology, have a wide variety of use cases and are often mission-critical. Google’s internal Tech Talk Rooms are a perfect example of … Lire la suite

Keep Meetings in Frame

Have you ever joined a meeting virtually where you couldn’t see the speaker’s face clearly? Where the speaker moved out of camera view and pointed to the screen or a whiteboard referring to something nobody outside of the room can see? It can be hard to follow conversational nuances or feel included if you can’t … Lire la suite

Microsoft Teams Device Certification Explained

In a recent meeting, a partner commented on our Microsoft Teams Device Certification. As we chatted, it was clear that there was quite a bit of excitement around the certification but our conversation quickly shifted to the certification process itself. What exactly does it mean to be “certified”? How does it work? What does it … Lire la suite

Returning to Work

Welcome back to the Partnership Blog! I’m Gary Evans and I work as the Technical Manager for the Strategic Alliances team. Today we have a very timely topic, returning to work amid the COVID-19 era. We will take a look at how software-based, touchless AV can help you get back to work.  The workplace is … Lire la suite